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At Carswell Leathergoods, the ethos is simple: we make leather accessories that are functional, practical, and beautifully made. With a focus on quality materials and sleek, minimalist design, each product has been designed and crafted to work well, look smart and last forever.

Carswell Leathergoods was founded in 2017 by Martin Carswell, whose interest in leatherwork arose out of a practical need for quality leather goods. Having spent his childhood camping and hiking, he was constantly customising and improving his gear. However he didn't start pursuing leatherwork in earnest until a serious motorbike accident in 2012. The accident left him with permanent lower limb injuries and he was unable to return to work as an electrician. But it was this twist of fate that led him down his current path.

During the recovery from his broken leg, he decided to build a forge in his backyard with bricks and an air compressor. With his leg still in plaster, he forged a couple of camp knives from old rasps and files using a piece of railway line as an anvil. Once completed, he of course needed a sheath for his knives, and so began his foray into leather work. After making the sheaths, he realised he enjoyed the leather work more than the knife making and kept on practising. Fast forward two years and he found himself spending a year in Hong Kong learning traditional Japanese leather working techniques under a master leather craftsman, before returning to Melbourne to set up his own workshop in 2017.

Martin's designs stay away from typical Western style, chunky, heavy handmade leathergoods, and instead draw upon the sleeker, more refined styles that he practised in Hong Kong. He is focusing on releasing a range of handmade men's accessories that will stand out from the crowd.

Combining traditional workmanship and quality with innovative design, the Carswell Leathergoods objective is to provide quality everyday accessories for men who are dissatisfied with what is available on the market. We specialise in everyday carry accessories and bespoke pieces, and we are currently collaborating on exciting projects with other local businesses including Bastion Cycles.

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