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Custom Knife Sheath Gallery

My knife sheaths could be described as intricate, detailed, luxurious and innovative.

I stitch all of my products by hand using a traditional saddle stitch with an awl. This has a high degree of difficulty but leads to a beautiful refined look with nice angles to each stitch.

My inlay work is intricate and precise, and my edges are always glassy smooth and burnished to a high gloss. I have also invented a new method of accenting a sheath with a stacked leather welt. This is made by gluing and stacking a pattern of alternating coloured leather into the side or welt of the sheath. 

My knife sheaths are commissioned by either knife collectors or knife makers, looking for the ultimate luxury sheath to accompany their blades. Some of the knife makers featured below include Shawn McIntyre, Jason KnightMareko Maumasi, David Lisch, Nick Anger, Don Nguyen, Salem Straub, Dimitriy Popov, Lin Rhea, Jelle Hazenberg, Nico Nicolaides and Joe Schrum.

For a quote on a custom knife sheath of your own, please contact me via email, or give me a call for a quote. Workshop visits are available by appointment to see my available leathers in person.

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