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Leathercraft Classes

I will be running workshops in January 2023 in Brisbane for Dimensions in Leather. Please follow this link to find out more.


‘Since I started following Martin’s work I’ve been really impressed by his skill and the quality of his leatherwork – his pieces are next level. Today I got the chance to do an online class focussing on stitching and it’s changed the way I work. The lesson was well planned and easy to follow. Martin is friendly and engaging and offered lots of useful techniques to improve my work. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the class whether you’re a beginner or intermediate leather worker.’



“When I heard Martin was offering one on one lessons via zoom I jumped at the chance, as someone who has never had any formal education in leatherwork and learned everything from YouTube and trial and error, the ability to talk to one of Australia’s best leather crafters was something I couldn’t pass up. 

I asked to cover stitching for our first lesson, although I had a basic understanding of how to stitch, Martin was able to ensure I was following the correct technique to create a beautiful front and back stitch along with explaining the theory behind the perfect stitch, we also went over starting and finishing with variations of back stitching for different situations. 

Martin explains things simply and in easy to understand language to make sure you fully understand the information, I’ll definitely be going back for further lessons and cannot recommend him enough, if you’re looking to improve your skills and create nicer products I can’t recommend Martin’s classes enough.”



"I had a 1 hour class with Martin and even though I have years of experience in leatherwork, I learned a great deal. In a short time he was able to correct my stitching form, starting right at the basics. We covered a few difficult and very specific techniques as well. The lesson is invaluable and put me months ahead of where I would otherwise be. I highly recommend this class to anyone from seasoned veterans to beginner leatherworkers. Incredibly enjoyable and straight to the point. I'll be back for sure!"


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