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Saddle Stitching Video Lessons

A detailed lesson in how to saddle stitch the traditional way.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 120 Australian dollars

Service Description

This course is a great way to get your stitching skills up to a very high standard in a very short amount of time. When I started leathercraft, there were no good online resources to teach correct saddle stitching techniques. After I studied in Hong Kong, I learned the correct method and over the subsequent years have perfected my technique over thousands of hours of hand stitching. Every detail of my technique aims to make the end result a neat, consistent stitch with nice angles to each stitch, front and back. Let me pass on this knowledge to you so that these skills don’t get lost to time, and to save you hundreds of hours trying to work it out for yourself. You will need your own stitching supplies and smart phone or laptop to connect via video chat. Follow along as I teach the traditional methods of saddle stitching as practiced for many years by the best artisans in the world. The course assumes no prior knowledge of stitching leather and will teach everything from how to thread your needles, all the way up to terminating your stitching and neatening your finished stitch row. The video call format is great because I can correct your technique as you stitch, you can ask questions as they come to mind, and we can really dial into the details you want to focus on most. Materials required to complete course along with me: -Stitching clam/pony to hold your work. -Pricking irons or stitching chisels to make your stitch holes. Use a soft faced mallet or maul to not damage your irons. -Awl, with a flat or diamond profile to open the stitch holes during stitching. -Blunt tipped harness needles. John James 004 work well with thread sized 0.4mm -0.5mm. -Thread, your choice of material, but I prefer cabled (twisted) polyester in 0.4 or 0.5mm. -Beeswax for waxing thread. -Hammer (with a polished, domed face is preferable) for finishing stitching. -Clear drying glue such as PVA. -Soft cloth. -Pen and paper for taking notes. -Webcam or smartphone capable of video chat, and a way to position the camera so I can see your work clearly. (A list of tool suppliers and links can be provided upon request) To book a class email me at or call me on 0409 942 195 during business hours. We can schedule these classes for any day of the week pending availability. If you are overseas, I will make sure to accommodate your time zone.

Contact Details

  • 81 Brewer Rd, Bentleigh VIC, Australia

    +61 409942195

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