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Introduction to Leatherwork

Handmake your own minimalist wallet

  • 8 hours
  • $550-$700

Service Description

In this course, students will be shown how to make a card wallet, from start to finish. There will be two main focuses in this course: hand stitching, and edge finishing (burnishing). Hand stitching involves a myriad of small techniques that need to be covered and practiced to become proficient. Some of the finer details of hand stitching include: • Marking stitch holes straight and evenly spaced on a seam of any length • Marking stitch holes to allow for angled stitches including around corners • Measuring, preparing and waxing thread • Selecting the correct needle for thread and stitching hole size • Threading the needle correctly to maximise thread durability • Backstitching and setting the thread flat and side by side • Casting stitching to allow for an angled stitch on the front and rear of the piece • Terminating stitching securely Edge treatment will be another focus of the project. Some of these techniques will show how to perfect: • Edge creasing using a heated edge crease • Edge beveling • Burnishing from a cut edge to a high gloss Other parts of the course will cover: • Accurate measurement of pieces to be cut • Selection of leather • Orientation of templates and setup for cut out • A range of methods for cutting leather • Adhesive selection and application • Wallet design considerations • Pattern design and template making • Ideal tool selection for specific tasks • Knife sharpening for leatherwork • Hot stamping a logo or font on leather • Methods of leather finishing to prevent staining All of the above techniques have been chosen because they are used by the best leather crafters in the world. Participants in this course will take away many techniques that have taken me many years to learn and perfect. The skills learnt will be invaluable to the participants, as they will be deepening their knowledge of high-end leather craft. Course length: 8 hours Price for one student: $700* Price for two students: $1100* ($550 each) * Price includes: • Step-by-step guidance on making a luxury card wallet from start to finish • Tools to use during the class (feel free to bring your own if you want to practice with them) • Leather and supplies to construct the card wallet • The completed card wallet to take home (valued at around $200) • Lunch Class size is a maximum of two students, to allow for students to receive adequate instruction and assistance. Depending on the participants’ experience, there may be time to complete another small project.

Contact Details

  • 81 Brewer Rd, Bentleigh VIC, Australia

    +61 409942195

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