These belts are made with sturdy english bridle leather, which is impregnated with oils and waxes over a long period of time to give rigidity, strength, and weather resistance. The belt is not overly stiff to begin with, and will soften somewhat with use, but will not become a floppy belt, even after years of use. The edges are burnished by hand to a matte finish with beeswax, and they have an edge crease the full length of the belt. They are logitudanally stitched by hand using 0.6mm waxed polyester tiger thread. Stitching this direction prevents any tear points on the belt forming where stitching holes cut across the belt. 

The buckle is from Abbey of England, where each buckle is hand made and hand polished. Each buckle has its own slight variation.

I have two belts in stock; one with black stitching and one with white. The black stitching will suit around a 37-38 inch waist (actual tip of buckle to centre hole measurement is 1040mm) and the white stiched belt will suit a waist of 34-35 inches (9040mm buckle tip to middle hole). Check these measurements against your current belt to see if they will suit.

English Bridle belt with Solid brass Abbey buckle.

Thread Colour: White